H. F. S. Morgan founded the Morgan Motor Company, Ltd., in 1909 with the design of the Morgan 3 wheeler. The brand gained experience and in 1936 production of the 4/4 model began. Since then the Morgan Motor Company has become known for its charisma, quality finishes and total commitment to craftsmanship.

This ethos has been a part of all our models. All our cars are built to the automotive industry’s highest safety standards and to ensure the responsive performance of true sports cars and supercars. The Aero 8 model, launched in 2000, was a major achievement for the world’s oldest privately owned car manufacturer.

Morgan has always sought to offer the market dramatic models like the Aero Supersports and the Aero Coupé, the sibling of the Aero 8. In 2011 we gave ourselves a new challenge: a modern interpretation of the 3 Wheeler.

This was the first model created by our brand and has attracted many fans to its unique driving style. Morgan continues to focus on its aspirational classic models like the Morgan 4/4, the world’s longest-running production vehicle.

Morgan has been in production for over 100 years and has been represented for almost 30 years in Portugal. We make it our mission to show our customers it is possible… to fall in love with driving again.