Morgan Roadster

Desde 97 600 € *

Introducing the latest Morgan Roadster, powered by a 3.7 litre V6 engine, the Roadster is the most powerful model in Morgan’s range. The overall weight of only 950kg for this aluminium car spells a power to weight ratio of around 300bhp per tonne.

Power delivery is transmitted to the road through a limited slip differential with cone drive for good traction off the line.The 6 cylinder engine and 6 speed manual transmission creates an engaging driving experience whilst an abundance of torque means the Roadster is well suited for long tours.

* Não inclui legalização e transporte.


Ford 3.7 cyclone // V6


380 Nm

Fuel consuption
urban areas

14,7 l / 100 km


230 g / km

Gear box

Ford // 6 gears

0 to 100 km

5.5 sec.

Fuel consuption
on the road

7,0 l / 100 km


55 liters


280 bhp // 6000 rpm


225 km/h

Fuel consuption

9,8 l / 100 km


Galvanized Steel